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Full life-cycle space mission analysis and design services will ensure mission success ... on time and within budget.

Space Mission Engineering

Trusted Space provides end-to-end, full life cycle space mission engineering services. We design missions for many orbital regimes including LEO, GEO, HEO, MEO, cislunar, and lunar. Our experience extends from "cradle to grave" including mission concept studies, mission design including architecture and CONOPs development, concept maturation through PDR/CDR, mission rehearsals, integration testing, and mission operations including anomaly resolution. We provide many services as a component of our space mission engineering offering:

  • custom algorithm, software, & tool development

  • system engineering including sensor, payload, and subsystem requirements and performance analysis

  • system integration testing analysis and support

  • modeling & simulation including trajectory design

Our staff leverages decades of experience and expertise supporting both classified and unclassified space missions for NASA, DoD/IC, and commercial satellite acquirers and operators to ensure your mission success.​


Mission Data Processing

Trusted Space provides powerful data processing solutions to deliver actionable insights to enable timely decision making for your mission. Our proven agile development methodology emphasizes incremental, iterative delivery of new capabilities in close cooperation with our customers. Our solutions embrace open source software and scalable open systems architectures to maximize returns on customer investment. Our mission focus and extensive experience and expertise in space mission engineering enable our team to ensure spacecraft telemetry (state), precise spacecraft orbitology (position, attitude), and sensor performance metrics are seamlessly incorporated into multi-phenomenology mission data processing. Our research into autonomy and man-machine cooperation drive trusted solutions characterized by timely man on the loop decision making. Our robust mission data processing solutions ensure your mission success.

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