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Our talented team of experienced national security space professionals will help you achieve mission success.

Subject Matter Expertise

Trusted Space SMEs have extensive experience and expertise supporting classified and unclassified space missions in multiple orbit regimes (LEO, GEO, HEO, cislunar, lunar) for a diversity of customers (NASA, IC, DoD, commercial). We can assist you with the full life cycle space mission design leveraging the skills and knowledge of our aerospace engineers, physicists, software engineers, and business professionals.


How can we help you achieve mission success? 

Modeling & Simulation

Trusted Space engineers utilize industry standard modeling & simulation frameworks to provide timely and valuable insights during space mission planning. We are fluent in several tools including GMAT, STK, ODTK, Orekit, and AFSIM. We develop custom extensions, algorithms, and solutions as needed to meet your mission's unique modeling & simulation requirements. Our engineers will analyze the results of simulation runs to identify critical elements of mission performance.


What can our team of engineers model for you today?

Software & Algorithm Development

Trusted Space software engineers apply our proven agile development methodology to incrementally and iteratively deliver new capability in close coordination with our customers. We pride ourselves on being agnostic to language or development environment, using the best tools to address customer challenges. We emphasize automated, comprehensive testing to ensure our software is robust and secure to consistently meet mission needs. 


What can our developers build to address your mission needs?  

Machine Learning & Autonomy

Trusted Space researchers study the latest advancements in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomy with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of human-machine cooperation. In order to address the increasing complexity and operational timelines imposed by our adversaries requires man-on-the-loop solutions and perhaps even full machine autonomy. We build solutions that leverage the best abilities of man and machine cooperatively.


How can we work together to build these game changing new capabilities?

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